2018 Route Maps

Here are the official 2018 Routes (2 Roadway, 1 gravel) which will begin and end at Hocking College Student Center.  As well, you can make your ride any distance on the level, paved and off-road Hock-Hocking Adena Bikeway which runs in front of the Hocking College Student Center where registration and lunch take place.   You can pick up a physical copy of your map at the registration table on the morning of the ride or click links below to download routes from Ride With GPS.  Minor route changes may be made due to roadway issues, so please make sure you confirm routes on the morning of the event. Get ready–beauty and challenge await!


30 Mile Roadway Route (Download: ridewithgps.com)



75 Mile Roadway Route (Metric Century +): (Download: Rides With GPS)



 54 Mile Gravel Route: Download Rides with GPS

Adena Hock-Hocking Bikeway Route-Level/Paved/Off-Road (Select Your Own Distance)
Access at Hocking College Recreation Center (Tour de Forest Registration Site)


10 responses

28 03 2013

I was curious on what the hills are like to determine if I’ll do a century. Do you have any info?

13 04 2015

The hills are significant! We are asking that all Century Route riders consult Bob Eichenberg to register. His e-mail is bobeichenberg@yahoo.com and his phone # is 740-591-2711.

3 04 2015
jacinda carr

Need updated info for 2015. Interested in participating, but every link I have found is for last year. Assistance, pls.

13 04 2015

Sorry, up to date now.

21 04 2015
Megan Mazur

Can someone please clarify at what time each route departs? I have paid for the ride and I have others who want to do it, but I cannot provide them good information. Please respond. Thanks.

21 04 2015

We don’t have strict departure times, but ask that people judge their times with their abilities and with the intent of being back between 11:30am and 2:30pm for lunch. Lunch closes at 3pm. Registration opens at 6:30am and the earliest departures are 7am. We recommended 7am for both the 68-mile and Century routes. We recommend 8am and no later than 10am for the 48-mile road route and the 54-mile gravel-route. We recommend 9am and no later than 11am for the 26-mile route and routes of your own distance on the Adena Hock-Hocking Bikeway. Family rides on the Bikeway are suggested to depart between 10:30 and 11am. Other than the Adena Hock-Hocking Bikeway, riders should expect hilly terrain and take that into account when judging times.

21 04 2015
Megan Mazur

thanks. So there are no leaders for the routes? You just go on the route that is outlined in the maps?

12 04 2016

Any chance you could make the route maps available on ridewithgps.com or mapmyride.com so I can download and install it on my GPS before the ride?

28 04 2016

54: 54 mile

75: 75 Mile

30: 30 Mile

28 04 2016

Thank you very much!!!

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